New ICO-project pledges to find a way for producing cheap artificial diamonds

New ICO-project pledges to find a way for producing cheap artificial diamonds


Much has been said about the semiconductors of the future that would accelerate computing power and bring to a new level. Indeed, carbon semiconductors can’t satisfy a highly increased demand for the computation power of the Information Era anymore.

While graphene is supposed to replace carbon as a new material for computer boards, several companies consider diamonds as a perfect material for the chips of next generation, because they excel carbon in a number of metrics, including thermal conductivity and strength.

The obvious question coming into one’s mind is where to get that amount of this sparse gemstone. The answer is an artificial diamond. They are already launched into production, yet this process still requires a lot of energy and time.

Emiba project attempts to meet this challenge, aiming to create a device for the synthesis of diamonds called “concentrator” and further mass production of gemstones.

The concentrator is a device, reportedly developed by the group of Russian scientists at the beginning of the 2000s, which exploits the peculiarities of the material properties while trasiting a substance from one aggregative state to another. As the project’s team says, it allows to accumulate and sustain a huge pressure that transforms substances in the allotropic form, for example, like carbon into diamonds. This technology does not require much energy, reduces cost of the product compared to the existing solutions.

The Emiba assures that a current laboratory prototype of сoncentrator was manufactured in 2010, and was successfully producing artificial diamonds since then. Now, the startup is raising funds via ICO campaign: its roadmap includes six stages that are required accomplish in order to create a reproducible model of Concentrator.

Still, the investment roud will not be finished by the end of ICO. The company plans to go IPO after it will launch the bulk production of artificial diamonds. Thus, the investors in Emiba ICO may become the holders of Emiba’s stocks in the future.

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