New AI algorithm can automatically create fake yet highly plausible text content


A research institute from San Francisco developed the AI algorithm, whose purpose was to help humans working with text. But the program has so succeeded in creating convincing fake news that even developers themselves became concerned.

AI has become so sophisticated that it can now compile articles like this one, or even make out fake news, claims MIT Technology Review. It reported about the new AI algorithm, developed by the San Francisco based research institute OpenAI.

Scientists intended to create an algorithm capable of translating text, answering questions, and performing other tasks by feeding it with a large volume of text from the web. In a process, they became worried about its potential for abuse.

“We started testing it, and quickly discovered it’s possible to generate malicious-esque content quite easily,” said policy director at OpenAI Jack Clark.

It appeared that the AI program could be used not just to produce, but automate the generation of convincing fake news, posts in social networking services, or other text content. OpenAI representative is convinced that just a couple years left before this will become reality.

Nevertheless, such technology could help to work with text. Clark added that he has successfully used the algorithm to generate short science fiction stories. Researchers underlined that the developed program reflects advances in applying machine learning technologies to language.

The MIT Technology Review was given access to the algorithm. After typing in the phrase “Russia has declared war on the United States after Donald Trump accidentally…” AI has made up a news story:

Russia has declared war on the United States after Donald Trump accidentally fired a missile in the air.

Russia said it had “identified the missile’s trajectory and will take necessary measures to ensure the security of the Russian population and the country’s strategic nuclear forces.” The White House said it was “extremely concerned by the Russian violation” of a treaty banning intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

The US and Russia have had an uneasy relationship since 2014, when Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region and backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.