Monero (XMR) Not Ready to Stop at Fortnite Behind the Scenes


Monero (XMR) entry into the market might have been seen as controversial given that it is among the first of a kind privacy coin. However, the coin category has seen increased interest with many users preference of additional privacy that lacks in first-generation platforms.

The entry of Epic Games Fortnite has changed the Monero matrix with the usual crypto hype working to the coins advantage; attest for now. According to the Epic gamer CEO, Fortnite accepting XMR was “accidental”. The gaming platform just came into the limelight after its merchandise store and a retail line was officially opened in December.

Behind the Scenes Happenings

According to the Tim Sweeny, the CEO at Epic;

“Monero had entered the store’s suite of payment options somewhere along the way but was unintentional, with staff subsequently removing it over the weekend”. He goes on to add on his Twitter account, Sunday;

Increased Monero Publicity and Visibility

The mishap has played a big role on Monero’s visibility and it has shown a new use case for the privacy coin and this also a boost for Epic and more privacy coins will work towards a partnership with the gaming outfit.

The Monero community could not hide their excitement with Riccardo Spagni welcoming the accidental move adding that the gaming platform had turned down Bitcoin platform payments due to lack of privacy. Earlier, rumors had spread that Epic had partnered with crypto payment processor, GloBee as part of the Monero partnership

To counter the rumor, Tim added;

According to CoinmarketCap charts, Monero price shot past the 10% mark against the green buck, a surge that dropped immediately the rumor was denied. The coin has been associated with the dark world trade and a partnership with Fortnite could have changed the tag and put the coin into a better standing in the market but is everyone’s bet that Monero is not stopping after accidentally being accepted at Epic.