Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups

Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups


This week, the market will see new token sales, and major events that drive the crypto industry forward. In Munich (Germany), top-tier experts from finances will gather to face the challenges of Bitcoin in the regulation and financial industry.

Meanwhile, in Asia a new crypto trading ecosystem is going through an IEO, along with the blockchain platform with the built-in database for the dApps development.

In the end, today members of our DAO Club will meet the representative of the EXMO exchange, who will tell in details about their latest successful token sale.

Events: “Whales” Will Discuss Future of Bitcoin in Germany

On June 3, a conference for major financial players will be held in the German city of Munich, with a mission of enabling a dialogue about bitcoin. The event is aiming to bring together skeptics, advocates, entrepreneurs and decision makers, to discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of bitcoin.

During the conference, top experts from the financial and public sectors will give their view on the potential consequences of bitcoin on the global economy, developing national regulation, and risks of trading with the “digital gold”.

The list of speakers includes 20 experts, including the author of “Bitcoin Standard” Saifedean Ammous, Director of Deutsche Bundesbank Jochen Metzger, VP of Federal Reserve St. Louis Christopher Waller, blockchain architect at Fidelity Bob McElrath, Hodl Hodl CEO Max Keidun, and other professionals.

There is still an opportunity to participate as the registration is open on the conference’s official website.

IEO watchlist: Biido and Chromia

Welcome newcomers on the crypto market that are launching tokensales to attract community.

Today, KuCoin has finished the first round of the Chromia token sale. This is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications, where blockchain data will be stored in a relational database. The main goal is to solve the some major issues that other dApp platforms are facing, such as high fees, and lack of security that ultimately inhibits the scalability of these platforms.

Thus, Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database. This means that decentralized applications (dapps) can be written in a way that is familiar to developers all over the world, whether they work on large enterprise applications, games, or smaller projects.

Behind Chromia stands the ChromaWay company, which has accomplished several blockchain-related projects across the globe. For instance, the firm digitized the title transfer process with the Swedish land registry and mediated the green bond market with SGDF.

Another project one is Biido, which is a blockchain based project that is developing an advanced and user-friendly mobile application for tracking and buying various cryptocurrency assets. The exchange will reportedly follow a “zero fee” policy. First round of the IEO will conclude tomorrow.

Different tools will be offered to the traders that utilize Biido platform, with the AI trade signal alerts, portfolio analysis, arbitrage and AI trading bot among them.

Besides trading platform, Biido will also provide additional services like the OTC desk, custody, escrow and crypto remittances.

Broadcast with EXMO for DAO Club Members

On Monday’s online meetup of our DAO Club, the representative of the EXMO crypto exchange talked in details about the latest token sale of Roobee startup conducted on their exchange. With the help of blockchain and AI, Roobee’s team is creating a new, decentralized type of investment platform.

Overall, Roobee token holders will get more than 10 different classes of investment products that were earlier accessible by only large funds and accredited investors.

Using a Roobee token, users will be able to invest in the prospective companies on the early stages, even before the IPO, while paying less fees compared to the classic investment funds and managers.

If you are still not a member, feel free to join the DAO Club. Read more about this project in our special article.