“Market Challenge” Update: Final Round of the Battle of Top 50 Companies Is On!


Following our exciting announcement with our first ever public voting before the Market Challenge: Battle of the Top 50 companies, we’ll be taking a closer look at the importance of community voting, and how our top featured project ratings have changed.

Community Voting – At the Heart of Newconomy

Here at Newconomy we’ve always strived to engage our dedicated community; providing insightful first-class content, tailoring our output to your needs. Following the runaway success of our first conference, we wanted to explore how we could improve engagement, benefiting both our viewers and speakers. We, therefore, decided to partner with Neironix (an AI Ratings and Analytics firm) and Huobi Exchange to create a platform fit for decentralized voting.

Global voting marks the start of our Market Challenge forum event, which will begin streaming March 26th-28th. We can’t wait for our community to engage with the panelists, voting for the projects they like! Not only can viewers vote, but those that successfully predict the ‘top 5’ can also win prizes from our sponsors.

Top Projects

More than 150 companies and projects have shown interest in our Market Challenge Conference. We welcome interested parties to participate – with our forum ready to welcome entrepreneurs, investors, and specialists. Speakers include; Andrew Bull, founder, and CEO of Bull Blockchain Law, Joel Valenzuela, Partner and Public Outreach Director at Dash Force, Dr Mark Baker at MediChain, Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and Founder of Dash Embassy, Yaliwe Soko, Chairwoman of African Blockchain Association, and many more!

These experts are working in market-disrupting firms and organizations, bringing unparalleled experience and insight into the developing cryptocurrency and technology ecosystems.

Five Key Categories

We have categorized our projects into five key areas: AI, VR, Finance, Platform and Mining. By now we are ready to provide the weekly results of the global voting and share the latest news concerning the Market Challenge conference starting tomorrow.


Artificial Intelligence sector has increased both its global market share, with interest from investors and corporations only growing. Advances in machine learning has led to both expected and unexpected innovation in nearly all sectors. The effects of continued AI development will likely be profound. A fantastic synergy opportunity exists between AI and cryptocurrency, and as such many companies are now combining the two. These include WebSpaceX, APIS, Cryptoindex, Sports Ledger and more.

In the AI category Cryptoindex is now among the winners, displacing Sports Ledger from toplist.

  1. WebSpaceX  34%
  2. APIS 14%
  3. Cryptoindex 13% –


Virtual Reality is another rapidly evolving technology, with vast venture capitalist investments propelling companies to Unicorn status in only a few years. As you can see from the figures, in this category everything remained almost unchanged since our latest update. The audience considers Worldopo to be the best VR project by now.

  1. Worldopo 44%
  2. HyperionX 20%
  3. ARROUND  9%


The Fintech and Financial technology sectors are no stranger to innovation disruption. Cryptocurrency and DLT technology has created an incredible change in fortune for many startup companies who are able to harness the incredible potential of the underlying technology. Countries such as Switzerland, Malta, Russia, and others have already identified the untapped economic opportunity, with many more to follow. With this trend only likely to continue and grow, companies such as  BitcoinOX and Neuromachine hope to provide and capitalize on the vital services they offer to retail and corporate investors.

 In the Finance category BitcoinOX is now on the second place – even this morning it was not a part of the top-3.

  1. Neuromachine   27%
  2. BitcoinOX 27% –
  3. CTR 25%


Cryptocurrencies continued mainstream adoption wouldn’t be possible without the Platforms – companies and ecosystems dedicated to removing friction and pain points between potential customers and their world of digital assets. On-and-off chain interoperability is very much in vogue now, with efforts focused on facilitating a connected crypto ecosystem.

According to the latest results, the Platform category now includes U.community among its leaders, along with Eqwity and YoyoSpace.

  1. Eqwity 32%
  2. YoyoSpace 29%
  3. U.community 17%


Last but not least; Mining has experienced extremely challenging bear market conditions, with many famous operations having to wind down. With challenge comes opportunity. A new bread of cryptocurrency mining companies has emerged, addressing the weaknesses of previous projects. Hydrominer, MiMinner and Mineblock are all examining innovative ways in which to increase both participation and energy efficiency.

  1. MineBlock 37%
  2. MiMinner 17%
  3. Hydrominer 13%


And there we have it – our community voting, top project participants and five key categories for our Market Challenge: Battle of the Top 50 Companies conference. We’d love to hear what you think and which projects you are most excited to hear about. Don’t forget to sign up, vote, and tune in on March 26th-28th!