Bitmain Announces New Miner For ZCash With Three Times More Hashrate

Bitmain Announces New Miner For ZCash With Three Times More Hashrate


Bitmain, a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, has released a new miner for ZCash (ZEC), the company announced on their website. It is designed for cryptocurrencies, such as Zcash, which are based on the Equihash algorithm.

The new miner – Antminer Z11 – generates three times more hashrate than its predecessor Antminer Z9, as it clocks 135 KSol/s for estimated power consumption of 1418W. The company estimates that Z11 is 60% more efficient than Z9.

Antminer Z11 is already available on Bitmain’s official website.

“The Antminer Z11 uses Bitmain’s latest proprietary 12nm chip, which is made using advanced Bare Die molding technology for better heat dissipation. Even though the Antminer Z11 packs in three times more hashing power than the Antminer Z9, at 5.4 kg, it weighs slightly less than the Z9,” it is said in the statement.

This news came only weeks after Bitmain announced the next generation 7nm ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chip – BM1397. It is intended for mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with an expected 28.6% improvement in power efficiency.

Previously, Newconomy reported that Micree Zhou, one of the Bitmain’s founders, is planning to launch a 100,000 ASIC mining operation in China this May.

In November, Newconomy also wrote about Bitmain’s investment of $20 million in Washington, to open up a data center in Seattle, United States.

The Hong Kong-based company, founded in 2013, is considered to be the second biggest manufacturer in China and a leader in the production of integrated circuits for cryptocurrency mining, mainly thanks to its Antminer brand.