Malaysia Looks To Blockchain For Degree Certification


There are many ways that blockchain technology can combat fraud in various sectors, and education is one of those sectors. It appears as though the Malaysian Ministry of Education agrees, as it is officially turning to blockchain for a verification system involving university degrees. The system is called the “e-Scroll system” and is based on the NEM blockchain.

The Ministry of Education tweeted about the system earlier this month:

The statement elaborates, stating that the system works based on scanning QR codes that are printed on the Degree certificates. The statement also boasts about the efficiency of the system, stating: “A verification process can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet connectivity, and the process takes only a few seconds.”

The statement pointed to the fact that creating fake degrees is actually a lucrative business and referenced a BBC article in January 2018 that covered the fact that there were “diploma mills”, that created fake degrees.

Malaysia seems to be increasingly open to cryptocurrency. The Finance Minister recently gave a speech urging the government to come up with clear regulations for cryptocurrency, which is expected to go into effect early next year.