Major Russian Blockchain Startup Invites to a Birthday Meetup “The Future of Web 3.0”


One of the most prominent Russian startups, Waves platform, is celebrating the third birthday. This age may seem small, but by the standards of the blockchain industry, it is quite a solid time.

Waves describes itself, as a pioneer in the Web 3.0 area. This approach to decentralized systems and new business logic is being tested on a daily basis, with real products, packaged solutions, and implementation cases.

Now, the company gives everyone an opportunity to become a part of the celebration ― by organizing an open meetup on April 16, which will take place in Moscow.

During the meeting, creators of Waves’ products will share insights and the guidance they follow while creating new solutions, disclose major projects in development, and provide their forecast, regarding the prospective development of the Internet.

The entry is free, but registration is required.

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