Lightning in a Box – Bitcoin

by George Naylor

Efforts are currently underway to support the growing Bitcoin Lightning Network efforts. According to A v B on Twitter, the network has been expanding at an exponential rate, with over 5,500+ nodes, 20,800+ channels and $2 million USD capacity.

The Lightning Network universe keeps expanding at an exponential rate.
Nodes: 5,500+
Channels: 20,800+
Capacity: ~ $2 Million USD

#Bitcoin #LightningNetwork

(@ArminVanBitcoin) January 20, 2019

Payments in an Instant

Another video by a Twitter user demonstrated the instant payment for an in-game item via the LN. And to back up the desire for instant Bitcoin payments is the growing list of tech companies providing solutions to support the growth of the network.

CasaHODL, lightninginabox, bluewalletio, Joule, Cyphernode and SatoshisGames are all looking to develop on and contribute to the ecosystem. One such effort, from CasaHODL, is the Casa Node – a simple, easy way to access the Lightning Network. It allows users to plug-and-play connect with the Bitcoin blockchain, syncing quickly and efficiently with the LN. What’s more, no coding experience is required, and the intuitive user interface makes setting up easy.

“”Casa blends user experience and security best practices to create a solution for a wide range of cryptocurrency HODLers.”- Meltem Demirors

One Bitcoin fan has already posted pictures of his Casa Node all set up, giving us a potential glimpse of what our futures may look like.

A silent revolution in a box.
An entirely new financial system, constructed on open code slowly growing into a global way for people to be free in their ability to store and exchange value.
An inescapable gravitational pull will converge the world’s wealth into it.
@CasaHODL January 11, 2019

Other supportive technological efforts include Joule, a company dedicated to bringing ‘power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node.’ In what seems to be a pattern of development, Joule and others are quickly removing the need for users to interact with very un-user friendly command lines – creating accessible and understandable interfaces and access.

The ‘Killer’ App

Back in 2018, we published Andreessen Horowitz, president and COO of Coinbase, who comments on the cryptocurrency space needing its own killer app:

‘When are we going to have that iPhone moment?Andreessen Horowitz

This Money20/20 interview neatly demonstrated an integral need for the entire ecosystem to develop usable, useful use cases and applications for the underlying technology. The efforts listed above by companies building inventive technological solutions for the Lightning and Bitcoin network could very well represent the necessary stage of application development needed for cryptocurrency technology to finally go mainstream.

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