Lighting Network Gets a New Use Case with Blockstream

Lighting Network Gets a New Use Case with Blockstream


Lighting Network Gets a New Use Case with Blockstream

The amazing Lighting Network user case has seen another use case which is a huge win in the industry. Blockstream is the next fintech outfit to benefit from the technology after upgrading its LN Solution which makes its Plug-Ins now possible.

Blockstream is a respected blockchain development firm which has several products including the blockchain satellite. The new version upgrade embraces the Bitcoin Lighting Network. The upgrade into c-lighting will see improved performance and fixing of bugs according to an announcement on their official blog.

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Great News for Developers

The beauty of the upgrade is that developers can create their Apps to ride on the Blockstream Lighting Network. With the Plug-In support feature in place, the opportunities are limitless since it can be easily customized due to its flexibility and extensibility as the project team adds:

“Plug-ins further strengthens our commitment to becoming the most flexible, extensible, and customizable implementation of the Lightning Network specification. They enable us to stay focused on the core functionality, while at the same time empowering users and developers to add their own functionality to integrate c-lightning into their environment”.

This is a huge milestone and the plug-in additional feature will give the platform added accessibility that has been lacking previously:

“While extensibility and customizability, along with performance and security, have always been our primary goals, until now users had to write fully-fledged daemons in order to add simple functionality or make small changes; this changes dramatically with the introduction of plug-ins”.

According to Christian Decker, an engineer at Blockstream, it will be easy for the developer due to the platform’s simplicity:

“If you can write ‘hello world,’ you can write a plugin for c-lightning. Plug-ins written in C, Go and Python are supported”.

New Payment Channels

The upgrade has also seen an additional feature that allows for payments to be conducted through private channels. The development of “Routeboost” is inclined towards giving the user control over their transactions.

The developer team has been working on the upgrade for the last 8 months. However, the effort has not been centered on the in-house team but other developers from across the globe have been involved. Lighting Network appears to be the next big thing for Bitcoin and is set to make it the choice platform of future payments. The good thing about the LN is it is being tested in the field and the results are amazingly positive. The recent tipping on twitter using Lighting Network is a huge groundbreaking move that will change how social media goers interact with each other.