Is Bitcoin The Bet To Overcome The Financial Crash Of 2020?


No matter what your frustrations are as to the state of the world in September 2018, you probably should covet them, cherish them. You have a little over 14-months until Nouriel Roubini, a well-recognized economist and a professor at Stern School believes a financial crash worse than the 2008 recession will hit US markets by 2020.

Professor Roubini made the prediction—here ’s a short preview from his longer, more in-depth, article on Project Syndicate.

Top-10 Reasons for the 2nd Great Depression

  1. Fiscal-stimulus will run out by 2020
  2. The US economy is now overheating
  3. Trade disputes will lead to slower growth
  4. Policies will prompt interest rate increases
  5. Global growth will slow down
  6. Including Europe
  7. Global real estate is far too expensive
  8. Corrections will spark fire sales
  9. Trump will be an elections pitbull
  10. Fiscal stimulus is limited by debt

The Bitcoin Abides

When a financial hurricane comes, cash (is king), gold, treasury bills, notes, bonds, and real estate were the investments that got you through a great depression.of 1929. Will be able to add Bitcoin to this list in preparation for the second great depression of 2020?  I was shy about including real estate because buying high isn’t good for anything, including gold, real estate, and even bitcoin.

What Do You Think?

Do you think that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, et al, will be as good a hedge as cash, gold, treasury bills, notes, bonds, and real estate—or is it even better, safer, and more secure than safety deposit boxes, your mattress, or a secret dead space under your floor where you usually cache your cash and gold?