Humans.Net Token Rewrites Freelancer Business Model

SHARE: is changing the traditional model of the business of freelance job portals on their axis by adopting the commission-killing blockchain technology platform, especially as a payment channel. offers its community members, currently free tokens, and fiat-currency portals such as PayPal for clients to pay for services they receive on the platform. Online freelancing community involves remote-located digital nomads who chose to work on projects of their choice from over hundreds of jobs listed and receiving payment via multiple payment channels.

The latest survey by freelance platform reveals that nearly 38% of surveyed freelancers in the United States preferred the “no middlemen” payment advantage that cryptocurrencies offered on their international orders. Over 41% of the surveyed freelancers also admitted not to have used cryptocurrencies before while 24% of them had not heard of these alternate payment options before.

Freelancers are digital nomads

Remote workers and freelancers make up a sizeable segment of the employment statistics worldwide and typically involve paying hefty commission of 20% and more at the platform or service they since both provider and buyer trust the platform to pay and receive services. Hence, when a commission-less payment platform emerges in the form of cryptocurrencies and trust is a built-in factor to the transactions, it is two-birds in one shot for freelancers operating in any part of the world.

Welcome cryptocurrencies

According to the survey, as many as 29% of the people surveyed (1100) have welcomed the idea of the decentralized ledger technology-based services.

Sites such as are already opening in cyberspace allowing employees to receive a part of their payment in bitcoin and the remaining in fiats in their regular bank accounts.

Given the adoption rate and the convenience of using these virtual currencies, it is expected that platforms supporting freelancers, namely and Upwork begin to incorporate functionalities such as that offered by bitwage.

However, freelancers do lose out on certain powers to consent purchase of cryptos. The volatility in prices of cryptocurrencies, however, could be the biggest obstacle. When the price of cryptocurrencies go up, employees will receive fewer cryptos, and more when the market prices fall like the current market correction and nearly $3,000 for every bitcoin.

Changing freelancer business model is already offering its own token and actively encouraging its adoption by the community. The arrival of blockchain-based freelancing portals is definitely a welcome alternative for the working community which depends on the ever-changing, greedy policies of reputed portals such as Fiverr or Upwork.