How to prove your certification quality?

by Kohei Kurihara

Reviewing and compile blockchain industry topic, updating market references and research environment.

Today, we are picking use cases of certification approval and blockchain advantages.

In Nevada, marriage certification has been issued on Etherium blockchain technology, securing environment and data management. Digital certification proves each of credential memories.

950 of issuer has been approved both within and outside Nevada areas, the system will enhance traditional paper process, and improve more transparent existences.

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Testing, Inspection, and Certification Market Overview :

According to Variant Market Research, global testing, inspection, and certification market estimated to reach $92.2 billion by 2024 from $57.6 billion in 2016. Certification market appears on proving standard of quality and identification. Beverages and food are notable importances, and more industrial certification is also coming up to the market demands and requirement in accordance with securing product quality.

In the maritime industry is paying attention with blockchain for certification.

The new consortium has been associated with the members of Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), Maersk Line, tanker operator Heidmar, crew management firm PTC Holdings, seafarer welfare charity Mission to Seafarers and technology providers C-LOG, Navozyme and Hanseaticsoft.

Training certification is now based on paper-publish, but it is lack of verification, not sufficient to access validated seafarers. For verified crew and training log needs to be connected on approval system.

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GeniusLink, GE’s subsidiary has partnered with ODEM, matches educational capacities on demand consulting service. Professional certification proves the genuine talented by tamper proofed results.

Blockchain will be used at this case, guarantee the quality of people who is listed on GeniusLink, provide service properly as it was secured qualified process and fundamentals.

GE subsidiary GeniusLink seeks to manage experts and on-demand consultants using blockchain

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