How to Gain Profits from Crypto Mining Without Hardware

How to Gain Profits from Crypto Mining Without Hardware


Nowadays, regarding crypto winter every item of expenditure is important for keeping mining cryptocurrencies profitable, and lowering costs may become a key point for the crypto mining enterprise in attracting customers.  

The Russian company dubbed Cryptouniverse has developed a cloud mining service, which allows any user to engage in cryptocurrency mining by renting a certain mining capacity from the firm.

After a client customizes the commercial plan, he starts to receive monthly payouts in crypto. The Cryptouniverse may even become an alternative to classic investment tools such as equities, claims the corporate representative Alexander Kapitonov. He adds, saying that his service is one of the “easiest ways” to enter the cryptocurrency market:

“Our company provides a fantastic mining infrastructure built in Russia, which is considered one of the best countries for that activity concerning the prices for electricity. To date, we managed to develop a convenient, clear and reliable online investment service for such a mysterious and unpredictable market.”

In August 2018, the firm has passed a major milestone by opening a large data center in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, with the size of 30,000 sq.m. and the total energy capacity of 180 MW. It is supposed to be turned into a fully operational industrial park.

In the future, Cryptouniverse plans to research new crypto mining solutions using the AI, while expanding in the global market since the company considers itself competitive thanks to the low energy cost.

Cryptouniverse pledges for further development of its ecosystem, including a launch of hash rate auction and crypto exchange.

Currently, the company continues working on its online interface usability, along with adding new cryptocurrencies for the mining operation, and searches partners for the new data center, which is about to be constructed in Syberia.