How to Gain Profits from Crypto Mining Without Hardware

How Complex Business Approach Helped This Mining Company to Survive the Crypto Winter


Russia is becoming an important center of the mining industry. Last month, a Russian minister praised the development of crypto mining infrastructure in several regions. One of the acknowledged centers of Russian mining is the Kaliningrad region, the Russian territory closest to Europe.

Back in 2017, the Cryptor company has set up its first mining rig in Kaliningrad. But the business was launched much earlier – in 2013 when Bitcoin was worth less than $100, says the head of development Alexey Roshchin.

The initial business concept was to attract those who consider crypto mining a lifestyle. Roshchin explains:

“Imagine, a usual person, who after the working day turns into a venturesome and risky player, while staying an analyst and strategist at the same time. Do you recognize yourself? In this scenarion, your world is not limited by the national borders or constrained by strict rules. You are not just following trend, you are on the edge.”  

The Cryptor team tried to develop in different directions, starting with firmware and overclocking software for the mining hardware, later switching to the construction of industrial-tier farms. 2017 was a turning point.

The Cryptor’s team united by the wish to mine cryptocurrencies survived the cryptowinter and progressed.

The crypto mining market has not yet recovered since the bearish trend of 2018. But Cryptor claims to increase its performance. As Roshchin stated, the company utilizes the complex approach, striving to offer suitable service for every customer.

Though, Cryptor won’t stop at this stage. It aims to become a leader of industrial mining in Russia and even the leading international player. According to Alexey Roshchin, one needs to set the most ambitious goals to succeed.