Crypto Powered Beer Vending Machine?

Have You Heard of Crypto Powered Beer Vending Machine?


Blockchain real-life use cases are on the rise and amazingly, they are easy to even for the non-tech savvy user. Civic, a decentralized Identity firm has developed a beer vending machine that allows users to spend their digital currencies. The revolutionary machine sells beers in exchange for crypto.

The beer vending machine was unveiled a few months ago and anyone across the globe can pre-order. The machine is going for only $15,000 and high traffic beer outlets are the target. Backed by an identity tech firm, underage buyers will not be able to purchase beer from the machine.

How Does Buying Beer for Crypto Work?

Not every crypto user can purchase beer from the vending machine. The Civic BD10 machine dispenses ID or age-gated products to avoid abuse. There are no third parties; the machine handles all the transactions as long as your wallet is funded with the right crypto.

The machine is easy to use and transactions are fuss-free. It is supported by turnkey and plug and play. It is also ready to stock with the designated product. The Civic BD10 model has a 150-500 capacity which depends on the product size available in different countries.

A Civic representative, Titus Capilnean adds that during a past demo, the machine dispensed 150 beers in a day translating to sales worth $7,600. The beauty of the Civic App enables users to verify their age via the Civic Identity Verification Marketplace. Once verified, a DE code on the vending machine confirms the age of the consumer at the vending machine or point of sale.

Civic Beer Vending Machine Handling Crypto Only

During the recent demo session, iPhone holders only needed to download the Civic Pay App after performing KYC and funding their wallet with sufficient CVC coins, buying beers was hustle free. All transactions on the vending machine are done in crypto that makes it convenient for the digital asset holder.

Although the Civic representative did not reveal any partnerships in the project, collaboration with the biggest brewer in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev, is in the offing. This could turn out as the ideal partnership with both their products complementing each other in beer distribution and Civic coin usability.

If you have been wondering how to purchase your favorite beer with crypto, a Civic beer vending machine is about to hit your local pub. However, the target is areas where demand is high and the footprint is also vibrant.

Away from the Civic beer vending the machine, the CVC coin performance in the market has not been that smooth despite inventing the crypto powered beer vending machine. The coin is ranked 138 by market cap of at the time of reporting $25.4million and the CVC price stands at $0.074263 after shedding 2.63% against the green buck in the last 24-hour trading session.