Germans Prefer Bitcoin For Food Payments? Why?


Germany’s largest online food ordering service, has opened its doors to new payment options for a couple of years now. With many of its clientele favoring blockchain-based digital currencies, the uber service has not waited long in matching the demand.

Lieferando, which operates out of Berlin is trendy, snazzy and is one of the snappiest online ordering apps for food. It has an overwhelming 13,000 restaurants on its platform and has the widest range of cuisines and food types for the gourmands to the fast food toughie.

It’s USP has been to be the first adopter of technology in Germany, where the online ordering service is immensely competitive.

Why Germans are keen about bitcoin

An increasing trend in German’s preferring the online payment option and a nearly cashless economy with mainly online transactions has meant the principle on which cryptocurrency operated was already appreciated. Online transactions were legal for fiat-currencies, and it was just a matter of time before small businesses realized the scope of advantages de-regulated currency system can offer.

Cryptocurious Germans have taken to bitcoin in a big way, and are known to use their crypto wallets more liberally than their other counterparts. There is security, transparency and speed, besides the tourism industry which is the seventh largest in the world, benefits indirectly from the cryptocurrency use.

Experiments with Bitcoin

Liefarando officially began accepting the decentralized ledger technology coins back in 2017 and was the very first in this online food app industry to do so.  Since the services of this connected-food app are owned by parent company,, Liefarando has had greater opportunity in adopting newer payment formats.

Though @Germany has not been very friendly towards the digital asset strides and mass adopting the deregulated currencies with appropriate legislatures, crypto-enthusiasts have not spared any effort in making a quick and effective transition to this payment option.

Many of those willing to explore beyond fiat-currencies and believe passionately in the truth of de-regularized ledgers for currencies have been making it a part of their everyday life; small businesses, be they taxi services or the utility service providers, bitcoin have come to stay.

Multiple payment options

Lieferando has been offering a wide range of payment options such as PayPal, MasterCard, Cash, SoFORT and even Giropay, and regular fiat-payment card options. is one of the biggest brands in the food industry and caters to nearly 9 million customers across the world. In Germany, via it has been experimenting consistently with digital payments. Favored cryptocurrency has been BTC.  Payment by other cards such as PayPal or credit cards is nearly 6% while bitcoin is, of course, free of cost.