French Supermarket Chain, Auchan, Turns To Blockchain


More companies are emphasizing traceability and accountability, and that certainly isn’t lost on the food sector. This simply isn’t just about fraud in the sector, but it also can help to prevent outbreaks, such as the recent E.Coli outbreak that has been linked to romaine lettuce.

Auchan is a supermarket retail giant headquartered in France that is taking steps to utilize blockchain to implement TE-FOOD’s blockchain-based food traceability solution. The corporation has international branches in countries such as China, India, Italy, Iraq, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, and others. This follows an 18-month pilot period in its Vietnam branch, as well.

TE-FOOD’s blockchain platform is titled “Foodchain”. Auchan consumers will actually be able to scan food items using a QR code and view the history of the food product. TE-FOOD describes itself as a “farm-to-table traceability ecosystem”. Foodchain is a response to the fact that food fraud costs the food industry as much as $40 billion a year.

Auchan is not the only company that is looking to utilize blockchain to increase transparency in the food sector. For example, Cargill is now utilizing blockchain for traceability in its turkey products, and Wal-Mart is using blockchain technology to track lettuce, as well.