First UK STO: Shojin Financial Services Acquired By Smartlands

by George Naylor
First UK STO: Shojin Financial Services Acquired By Smartlands

Smartlands, a ‘worldwide Security Token Issuance Platform designed for 21st-century crowdfunding’ built on the Stellar network, has announced its acquisition of a major stake in Shojin Financial Services (SFS).

Shojin, the FCA and Smartlands

Shojin Financial Services Limited is a London-based company with an investment license from the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This allows SFS to raise capital globally via crowdfunding methods.

‘The fact that SFS possesses the type of license necessary for the Smartlands business model to flourish is not the only reason for the acquisition,’

‘We are proud to share SFS’s values and vision for the development of financial markets around the world. The firm also has a substantial pool of classic investors that the SFS team has been developing since 2017. Now, thanks to the Smartlands proprietary technology, these private investors have the opportunity to invest in the digital ownership of real assets secured on one of the most powerful and fast blockchains in the world ‒ Stellar network.’ – Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO Smartlands.

The acquisition of SFS by Smartlands allows the blockchain STO platform to begin inviting accredited private and institutional investors to take part in their first Security Token Offering real estate portfolio.

Smartlands is, therefore, the world’s first fully-FCA-regulated UK cryptocurrency STO platform – a world first.

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Stage 1, Stage 2, Global Domination

The STO campaign will be divided into two stages. Stage one – March 19th, Smartlands Platform will invite accredited private and institutional investors to sign contracts for the acquisition of security tokens to participate in the offering. Stage two – a public sale for investors who have created accounts on the Smartlands Platform, have gone through the accreditation process and are fully vetted.

CEO of Shojin Property Partners (current owners of SFS) says:

‘we are very excited about this partnership. It is now apparent that the future is in tokenization of property assets and other hitherto illiquid alternative investments. Now all of our clients are able to move towards investing on the blockchain, which makes trades on the open market fast, cheap, secure, and transparent.’

With the successful launch of Smartland’s Real Estate STO, industry and public attention will likely increase. Successful acquisition of both Shojin and FCA regulation will lend the new platform hugely important industry compliance reputation.

The future potential for such cryptocurrency fundraising projects promises to open up investment opportunities previously reserved for the wealthy and connected. It’s clear that cryptocurrency technology is only scratching the surface of what’s possible for commerce, money, and the way society understands value.

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