Fight to Fame Received Largest Investment in History of $1.5 Billion in Cryptocurrency

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Fight to Fame BMS fund management company received 1.5 billion US dollars investment from Latin American industry giants.

According to Teca Thompson, Fight to Fame Global press spokesperson, the reporter learned that the rapid rise of Fight to Fame BMS in the global cryptocurrency industry in less than two years has achieved more than 100 million users worldwide. By the end of 13 months, the pre-sale was completely exhausted, with an increase of 3323%, more than double the increase of Bitcoin (1800%) in 13 months. “FF Token” is called “the second sun after Bitcoin in the global cryptocurrency industry by investment institutions in many countries”.

Fight to Fame Global Operations Committee Chairman Tim said: Fight to Fame BMS fully quotes the blockchain technology decentralization to create a Fight to Fame wallet and realizes that FF tokens can be converted into chips for entertainment as a personal wealth security asset, and designated USDT realizes payment. The EVO “Fight to Fame” Global Online Entertainment Million Dollar Grand Prix is ​​expected to be officially launched on May 18, 2021, and the “Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show” is popular in more than five countries including Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. Four cultures and languages ​​are loved and will be broadcasted soon.

The online shopping mall and streaming media platform exclusively developed by Fight to Fame BMS will be launched online soon. Fans of global users can choose their favorite products in the mall and watch selected movies, events, action star reality shows, and movies as long as they invest in FF tokens. Famous investment institutions in some countries and regions and Harvard University rated the FF token as the most successful and most rewarding digital asset.

Recently, the Fight to Fame BMS investment Fight to Fame famous Panama fund management company has received 1.5 billion US dollars of investment cooperation from the most influential and powerful industry giants in Latin America, and through investment financing, it has optimized the technology of the Fight to Fame BMS.

Develop and improve the underlying technology and smart contracts of the Fight to Fame wallet. It greatly facilitates the non-tamperable absolute security and application protection system for investors who invest in FF tokens and other cryptocurrencies, especially for registration, competition, online shopping, and physical chain stores. It not only brings convenience to consumers but also a golden opportunity for wealth growth and investment return rewards for those holding FF tokens.

This technology will benefit Africa, Latin America, and some countries in Asia, as well as countries and regions that legally support cryptocurrencies, to actively promote the creation of successful profit models and application scenarios.

Carlos Kremer, the host of the world’s first event and Fight to Fame global media ambassador, said: Fight to Fame BMS uses a decentralized voting mechanism to connect the relationship between people and movies, people, and events, and will inevitably lay the entertainment industry and action star reality show, through the Fight to Fame platform, register from athletes to become battle heroes.

The special customized stage for Fight to Fame brings a group of world boxing champions onto the red carpet, starring in Hollywood action blockbusters, and having the opportunity to become international superstars. Laid the inevitable foundation, the “Fight to Fame” BMS action star reality show is the only company in the world that truly trains action stars, builds action players, becomes the world champion, enters Hollywood, and exclusively uses blockchain technology worldwide to train the new generation of Hollywood action international superstars.

The world supermodel and Fight to Fame global press spokesperson Teca Thompson officially announced to the world: Fight to Fame BMS plans to officially launch in the third quarter of 2021, invest 300 million US dollars to build Hollywood international movies such as “Fast and Furious” series, “The Expendables” series. The action blockbuster series and the holding of the World Boxing Championship have laid a solid foundation for the global listing of FF tokens. FF pass is the golden key to open the door to wealth.

The original creation of Fight to Fame BMS: “Blockchain + Movie + Sports” model has been legally registered in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the well-known wallet FF token developed in Fight to Fame was successfully used in entertainment games for consumption, circulation, and settlement, and received support from many countries and issued special licenses.

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