Feud between Bridge Oracle and Bitcoin.com Co-founder Mate Tokay Spills Over

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According to the chief spokesperson from Bridge Oracle, Tokay played a fraud game by not providing the promised services.

The conflict between Bridge Oracle protocol and Bitcoin.com co-founder Mate Tokay has spilled over to the public domain. According to a post by Bridge Oracle that was published in early January, the firm accuses Tokay of violating agreements and launching fake allegations.

Bridge Oracle, a dedicated public oracle technology on the TRON network, initially had hired Tokay to help the firm penetrate different global markets. Notably, Tokay was to act as an adviser to the Bridge. Link project but never provided the services as promised according to the firm.

Moreover, Bridge Oracle stated that it had paid out upfront of 3.5 units of Bitcoin to kickstart the agreement. Further, the company stated that it provided Tokay with 37.5 million Bridge tokens in a locked account, only to be released proportional to the service rendered.

Case between Bridge Oracle and Tokay

According to the chief spokesperson from Bridge Oracle, Tokay played a fraud game by not providing the promised services. Reportedly, Tokay only provided approximately 15% of the contract. Thereby making him not eligible to claim any compensation from the company.

“We had hired such a key figure like Mate Tokay with high hopes but he left us only with futile claims. We know Mate Tokay as a widely connected professional in his industry and he had assured us that he would help us to expand our reach through his esteemed networking acumen. He had also promised that he would publish news with defined amounts in bitcoin.com, host podcasts, weekly meetings, and so on. But in reality, he had not talked to anyone about us, had posted just one PR of Bridge oracle and was almost absent most of the time”, stated the spokesperson.

Bridge Oracle has stated that it will not pay an extra amount since Tokay did not meet the set agreement. Mind you, the company said that Tokay has threatened to tell exchanges not to list Bridge tokens.

“We also can’t left unnoticed that Mr. Tokay has not only failed to provide us the promised assistance but has disrespected the contract and has also threatened us under false accusations,” the spokesperson said.

Mr. Tokay has indicated plans to take legal action against Bridge Oracle, to not only claim his full payment but an extra fee. Besides, Tokay has accused Bridge Oracle of manipulating the market.

Bridge Oracle tokens, which is ranked position 202 by Binance-backed Coinmarketcap, was trading around $0.2821 at the time of writing. Notably, the asset jumped approximately 9.43% in the past 24-hours. Out of the 10 billion total supply of BRG tokens, approximately 80% are in market circulation.

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