Etoro Platform Introduces Their Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

The eToro social investment platform introduced a cryptocurrency wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

In the comments, answering the questions from the followers they say that also the XRP wallet is coming soon.

Representatives of the company say that eToro Wallet is available to all EU residents, as well as Switzerland and Gibraltar. However, in order to take advantage of the new wallet, platform users must be members of Platinum Club, that is, they must hold assets worth $25,000 on the platform. But the company promised to soon provide access to the eToro Wallet for more users, as well as add other coins.

For now, it looks like eToro is testing the Wallet with their Platinum trusted users.

“The eToro wallet today is just the beginning and we will be adding a whole host of additional functionality which will include supporting additional crypto and fiat tokens, crypto to crypto conversion, the ability to deposit fiat, payment in store and more,” said Yoni Assia, the company’s CEO.

Also on the wallet site, you can see that the application is already available for the Android and iOS operating systems. To use a mobile wallet, users must be verified on the platform.

Many users are welcoming the wallet, ”Congrats on your deployment!”, but also on Google Play, there are not many good reviews of the application. Until now there is a total of 20 reviews from which, the average rating is 2.9 with comments that the wallet is useless because it does not allow withdrawing or depositing to it. My personal opinion is that eToro is very good and one of the most unique trading platforms in the world. Their wallet will take time to be developed and work as it should. They always have some restrictions in their own terms and principles, so the wallet will also have some, but eToro is a very stable company that supports crypto.

Earlier, eToro analyst Mati Greenspan expressed the opinion that the best times for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still ahead.