Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork May Take Place in November


In the course of the traditional video conference of Ethereum developers on Friday, October 12, it was announced that the planned hard fork Constantinople will take place, most likely, in November.

To date, the update has already been made to the code bases of all the most popular clients of the network, including the Ethereum Foundation and Parity, but the date of the hard forks and, accordingly, the block number on which the activation should take place, is still not defined.

The update, however, depends on how smooth the hard forks go through the Ropsten test network, the activation of which was postponed due to a bug found in one of the five upgrades and should take place on Sunday, October 14th.

Also, developers are confident that the transfer of the update will allow users of the Ropsten network to test other solutions for Ethereum, including Raiden technology of off-scaling. They will also be able to prepare for the possible division of the chain as a result of the implementation of Constantinople.

The Constantinople upgrade requires a hard fork and involves a number of changes that affect the miner reward, code execution, data storage, etc. The active Ropsten testnet nodes must be ready to implement these changes at the same time to avoid the risk of blockchain separation.

However, at Friday’s meeting, several client developers confirmed that they are generally ready to move ahead with testing.

“The core developers are excited about the upcoming testnet release of Constantinople. We are on the right track to hopefully release Constantinople on mainnet less than 1 month after Devcon,” said Hudson Jameson, a communications officer for the Ethereum Foundation.

Earlier it was expected that the activation of Constantinople in the main Ethereum network will take place before the Devcon4 conference, which will be held from October 30 to November 2 in Prague. In September, the Ethereum developers, however, stated that the planned hard forks would most likely take place in December.