EOS Is The Choice For A $16 Million Mythical Game


Blockchain games have arrived! Making one of the first high profile offerings is Mythical Games a decentralized tech startup seeking $16million via Series ‘A’ funding. The platform on which the game will evolve is EOS, and the game will debut in the first few months of 2019.

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The surprise is that two diametric opposites are coming together to form a new innovative product. The powerful computing technology which is native to the gaming sector and the smart contracting decentralized distribution form factor – are pushing the boundaries for the gaming industries revolution.

With the integration of blockchain, gaming may never be the same again.

Blankos Block Party – First Ever Blockchain Game

First steps in EOSIO funding by eagle-eyed investor Mike Novogratz Company will be to drive Mythical Games in the initial phase. Other fund contributors include – Javelin Venture Partners as well as OKCoin Exchange, Fenbushi and Divergence Digital Currency.

A game with a collectible chain of memorabilia, Blankos is the chosen game on CBS 2018, Awards for Gamers choice.

Mythical Games has built Blankos for the PC, console games and the mobile developed on the EOSIO blockchain. Additionally, it is looking to open ‘player-owned economies’ which are developed on the EOSIO. The driving force will be to unite the player-based economies and the platform with content creators, players as well as developers together.

“We believe that true ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary markets will spawn a new generation of games,” says the CEO of gaming developer company, John Linden.

With years of exposure to the industry as a studio head at Activision, Linden has collaborated with another co-worker Jamie Jackson, who now heads the Compliance Division in the new venture. Other office bearers include Rudy Kock who handles the blockchain section, is an ex-Blizzard dev, the company which produces the World of Warcraft.

Linden added that,

“We will bring games to market as a primary party but we will partner with experienced game and art studios to actually build these games with us.

The novelty of ‘ownership’ which blockchain is driving across industries is the key factor for the gaming company here.

The EOS platform offering will be the first to be available for fiat currency consumption, after which it will shift to the native cryptocurrency. This is done to provide a quiet transition period for mainstream gamers to move into “high-quality franchises and blockchain tech.”