Electra: The Unsung Crypto With Stellar Features


Electra, the ECA Coin has tweeted the completion of its ForkPhase 2 development making it available on GitHub for the community. Along with the latest offering it will also offer updated wallets on February 15th.

“We are proud of completing the #fork phase 2 development with significant improvements. It is mandatory to update your wallets to QT v2.0 which will be released on February 15th. Please don’t miss our live engineering call tomorrow. $ECA #ECA Medium: https://goo.gl/QXfEba

Electra is a NIST-based blockchain, running on a platform built out of a compilation of best features of top-placed five blockchains. The result is that NIST-run blockchain is now at #rate of NIST5, with the number of transactions at 800 per second and coin maturity of 12 hours. Why it has more scope than other cryptos in this sphere is the all-new Electra Pay.

Electra and its development history

Bitcoin’s opensource algorithm which seeks out peer-to-peer transaction since the network itself validates transactions; the era of cryptocurrencies was born in 2009. However, the very nature of these encrypted crypto assets has been to pursue freedom from government agencies and unregulated environment which was the true inspiration behind these third-party assets, resulting in a code for such cryptographic entities being available for the curious and explorative developer.

After a decade from when Bitcoin made its presence, Electra (ECA) is slowly but steadily marking its presence with its advanced security features, the result of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

The latest is POS 3e upgrade, as per latest tweet, along with “the new QT wallet v2.0 will be available on the 15th February on our website. You can already read the guide to upgrade your wallet. If you have any further questions, contact us on discord or telegram.”

ElectraPay is a feature which the community is driving towards mainstream adoption and Electra Team developed ElectraPay eCommerce ecosystem which focuses on Atomic Swap technology and payment gateways so as to connect with consumers and merchants at marginal prices.

ElectraPay is built for an instant plugin and will accept Electra at websites. Atomic Swap technology will allow merchants to ensure Electra will be the instant payment option and will also help in receiving currency which is to its choice. The advantage of ElectraPay is that it will not be charge expensive transactional fees of the kind that Visa and others charge.

As electraPay matures, the ECA’s global growth will happen in the best possible ways.