Cryptobank Crypterium Provides Solutions in Fiat and Crypto Economics


In 8 years, the cryptoeconomy will surpass $10 trillion dollars. In the near future, Cryptobanks will become the foundation of the new digital economy and part of everyday life by making all the positive, convenient, and useful aspects of traditional and conventional banking accessible to both the unbanked and underbanked as well as the futurists who store most of their wealth in cryptocurrency but want a way to engage the world one PSL at a time through point of service contactless payment, making a crypto wallet work exactly the same as a debit or credit card.

In American, it’s pumpkin spice latte (PSL) season. Everyone goes mental over milky coffee drinks that taste like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. It’s not autumn until Starbucks Coffee launches the flavor.

Imagine being able to buy a PSL at any Starbucks on 6 continents and in 76 countries and territories without ever having to worry about local currencies. Maybe you can do that with the Starbucks App, you say; however, there are coffee and tea shops and cafes all over the world and Crypterium promises to make buying a coffee anywhere around the globe that is Internet-connected and isn’t cash only and accepts digital transactions at least as easy as buying a Venti cup of coffee at your local Starbucks but anywhere in the modern world.

“Shop around the world and pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds reliably and for a fraction of a penny.” – the blog says.

By 2025, cryptobanks will be managing over $6 trillion and Crypterium is aiming to be a top-20 cryptobank globally. And the chance of Crypterium becoming the number-one cryptobank is excellent because the token sale that ended on January 6 raised almost $52 million dollars towards this becoming a reality. And there were a lot of backers and investors, with over 70,000 people from over 150 countries worldwide, making the Crypterium token sale the number-one ICO in the world based on the number of token-buyers.

What makes a bank a cryptobank is that Crypterium uses the Blockchain to conduct banking operations faster, safer and with a minimum commission. Using the blockchain’s digital ledger technology (DLT) allows Crypterium to create a bank without middle-men, without brokers, without the flood of transaction fees so prevalent in conventional banking. According to Investopedia, Blockchain was originally developed as the accounting method for the virtual currency Bitcoin. Don Tapscott put it in elegant terms:

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

The Crypterium app and platform is designed to work with the most popular payment wallets, including PayPal, Gyft, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM, allowing members to instantly exchange and spend any kind of fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Crypterium is focused on connecting to the 2.5 billion users of smartphones worldwide and not only on the existing crypto community, which now consists of just a few million.

People from around the world are curious about cryptocurrency but are still rightfully afraid. Crypterium is developing a platform that is as easy and simple to use as a Starbucks card and they have more than enough money, expertise, and passion to make it happen. Plus, the timing is right. It’s quite possible that history is ready for crypto and that Crypterium will lower both the technological and economic barrier to entry for all the rest of us.