Crypto Lawyer Offering Free Online STO Course


If you are a startup or investors and wondering about where to get started, a U.S based Crypto lawyer is here to help you. Grant Gulovsen is offering an online STO crash course titled Security Token Crash Course which is also free.

Gulovsen has been involved in the blockchain and crypto sphere and has come up with a series of courses which are accessible on YouTube for free. As a licensed attorney he has been practicing civil and commercial litigation since 2013 before venturing into private practice.

Crypto and Blockchain Awareness Key to Adoption

Grant bought his first digital coin; Bitcoin in 2013 and developed a keen interest in creating awareness. The crypto sphere is broad and this keeps investors to be at the bay. Grand took it upon himself to represent clients in the market especially those launching ICO’s when the market peaked in 2017 and when it later crashed in 2018.

The ICO bear market saw a lot of activity towards STO’s with some digital money market observers feeling it is a Wall Street conspiracy. The shift from ICO to STO is in line with the technology shift and demand with more people raising funds.

Lack of Security Token Offering understanding is where Grants’ idea took a start and he adds:

“I was very concerned about what I was seeing, both in terms of the potential negative impact it would have on the security token industry as well as on these individuals who naively thought they could swap ‘STO’ for ‘ICO’ in their LinkedIn profile and continue doing business as usual.”

On why he felt the need to introduce the crypto course, he says:

 “The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has offered me some of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever had in my professional career. I can honestly say that it was only after starting down this career path that I’ve ever really enjoyed the practice of law. So, I feel obligated to give back any way I can.”

Corruption in the ICO Market

One of the key areas that Grant has been trying to tackle is the rampant corruption in the ICO niche. However, with STOs, he thought of being part of the movement instead of criticizing it and stopping investors from doing the wrong thing. This saw the birth of the Security Token Crash Course.

Grants’ course is well researched after speaking to top market leaders, CEOs, and founders on issues related to security token issuance.  He has also gotten feedback from compliance partners and emerging technology service offering.  The lawyer turned STO expert offers a live version of his course which is designed for a professional outfit; the Alliance of Blockchain Professionals membership drive.

The alliance has over 150 applicants and the response is overwhelming. The positive feedback received is a clear indication that STO is a popular niche and a free online course covering it can educate more STO prospects across the globe.

Who Should Take the STO Free Course?

Anyone can take part in the free course despite it being designed for professionals with crypto and blockchain basics. However, it is also important to be familiar with current market regulations and securities law.  However, grant jokingly says the course does not make a “security token expert, I will only add to your knowledge”.

According to Grant, the STOs future depends on how it plays in the current market. However, they are yet to prove themselves in the market but the future looks bright. He plans to add more courses in the future and this will not only be targeting the US market but will be global.