Craig Wright a Liar and Not the Bitcoin Creator Says New “Satoshi Nakamoto”


The controversy surrounding the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator appears to continue deepening after Craig Wright, the NChain chief executive claimed to be the real Nakamoto through his blog dated 8th Feb – once again.

Wright has expressed his experience as he “created Bitcoin” adding that he is the real Satoshi but has failed to bring to public his keys.  This is not the first time for Wright to repeat the claims. However, this time, another “Satoshi Nakamoto” has appeared on his blogs comment thread will the new “Bitcoin creator” calling Wright a liar.

When Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Stand Up?

So many Satoshi imposters have been in the news with Wright being the most prominent. The recent Wright statement has seen a new faceless Satoshi surface on twitter sensing the crypto verse into confusion. With list of impostors on the rise, questions are being raised as to why one would claim to be Satoshi without an iota of proof.

None of these Satoshi’s has been able to convince the crypto community but according to Wrights statement, he is ready to testify under oath. It has been reported in several occasions in the past that many individuals have claimed to be Bitcoin creators but the latest by the NChain chief executive appears to be “close”.

Twitter Fake Satoshi

After Craig Wright post went public, another Satoshi Nakamoto emerged on twitter calling Wright a liar.

“Liar — You, Dr. Craig Wright never had any digital key to sign, and no single proof of his claims — He could not even transact one bitcoin from my whale wallet,” explains the individual who believes he is Satoshi.

“He did create an altcoin, BSV, then begged to convert bitcoin core into his crapcoin — come on, you have nothing. You do not even know how I composed the genesis block and what I coded inside additionally.”

The new Satoshi goes under the twitter handle @Realsatoshin and appears to be having a sizeable following of 2,800 and has sent more than 1,700 tweets. However, he promised to reveal his real identity after 7 years. In his comment thread, he goes on to leave a PGP key 0x5EC948A1 that he claims to have been signed by Gavin Andresen among others and goes on to tweet:


Another 'Satoshi' Steps Out of the Woodwork, Calls Craig Wright a Liar

The same “fake Satoshi  said on January 6 that he left the project on safety grounds and his twitter handle  by adding that;  “A decentralized system needs no controllers and rulers, only the community.”  His tweets are crypto focused and how he created Bitcoin.

As the crypto adoption continues and use of digital coins become mainstream, the number of Satoshi Nakamoto characters is poised to rise and the new claimant and Craig Wright are far from being the real Bitcoin creators.