Mobile Applications Help Corporations to Find New Customers

Mobile Applications Help Companies to Find New Customers


The number of smartphones has long surpassed the number of desktops, so mobile platforms have become an important channel of interaction with customers for brands and corporations.

Founded in 2007 by Dmitry Shchipachev, Finch company is a mobile developer of “high load” mobile applications for big Russian companies. It stands for a high number of users simultaneously and the need to process big data volumes. Applications made by Finch are used by 1 million people daily, the company says.

The co-founder of the company, Dmitry Shchipachev, says he does not regard the company as a job, but rather as a “well paid extreme sport” as he tries to attend complex business projects, which allows increasing professional competence.

Finch was already fairly noted for developing an application for one of the most popular reality TV shows and for the major lottery in Russia. Specifically, the firm serves leading brands from fintech, media, telecommunications and e-commerce industry. The portfolio includes about 300 realized projects for about 30 major clients.

Only the last year, applications made by the Finch had 2 million installations and settled payments worth more than $46 million.

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