Chicken Feeding Using Bitcoin Lighting Network - Bitcoin Use Case

Chicken Feeding Using Bitcoin Lighting Network – Bitcoin Use Case


The Bitcoin Lighting Network use case is on the rise and the unbanked have all the reasons to smile. Tapping into the blockchain capabilities has never been this fun. The new technology is starting a revolution that the crypto critics cannot stop but just jump in and enjoy the tide.

It is now possible to use the Bitcoin Lighting Network to feed your chicken in different time zones. All you need is automating the process and you are done. The Bitcoin Lightning Powered Chicken Feeder is creating a lot of interest from the unbanked but crypto aware population.

In a recent tweet, Alistair Milne @alistairmilne posted:

Increasing Lighting Network Real Life Use Cases

The Bitcoin Lighting Network powered chicken feed system is among many use cases. Four days ago, reported a 9-year hold Dennis who is also using the Bitcoin Lighting Network to sell his artwork to raise funds to purchase a Nintendo Switch, a project that he has developed out of passion.

The crypto industry is still in its infancy and the Bitcoin Lighting Network is just the beginning with more Altcoins coming up with real life use cases in various industries including automotive, banking, supply chain management, and healthcare just to mention a few. The chicken feed project could be the beginning of a revolution especially for the small scale and part time chicken farmer.

What is Special about Bitcoin Lighting Network?

Simply put, the Bitcoin Lighting Network eliminates the bureaucracy by creating transaction channels between two parties without necessarily keeping records of each and every transaction on the ecosystem.

The Lighting Network is just an extra layer on the platform that enables user channels to exist as long as they need them. This helps in lowering congestion levels on the platform to free more space making transactions instant and lowering fees to almost nil.

How Does the Lighting Network Work?

For the non-tech adorer of Lighting Network, all you need is creating a channel between you and the other person you need to transact with. Once done, create a multisig wallet where you and your partner transactions are going to terminate.

This allows for unlimited transactions at low fees as long as the created channel exists. However, this is set to change how you buy and pay for a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop. The lighting concept is ideal for small transactions that do not require much security but require scalability.