CEO of Bakkt Hints At More Partnerships On Podcast


The CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, recently opened up about possible new developments regarding the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange and possible partnerships. This happened during a discussion on “Inside the ICE House” podcast, a podcast that “features stories of those who hatch plans, create jobs, and harness the engine of capitalism”, according to the podcast’s intro.

The podcast is recorded in the library of the New York Stock Exchange, and the “ICE house” refers to the Intercontinental Stock Exchange, which is the company that will be launching Bakkt. At the beginning of the podcast, Bakkt is described as “the industry’s most anticipated institutional solution” with regards to Bitcoin and pointed out that Bakkt would be successful regardless of Bitcoin’s price, and allow investors to “seamlessly buy, store, and spend it.”

Months ago, it was announced that Intercontinental Exchange will be launching the Bakkt venture along with Microsoft and Starbucks, two extremely powerful and globally-known companies. The Starbucks association, in particular, caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community, as it seemed to indicate that users would finally be able to make everyday purchases with cryptocurrency, such as a cup of coffee. Many believe that mass adoption will not occur until individuals make purchases such as this with cryptocurrency.

It appears as though Starbucks might not be the only company partnering with the platform, whose launch has been delayed to early 2019. Loeffler specifically stated:

“Since that announcement, we’ve heard from others that want to do that.”