P2P Exchange Hodl Hodl to Launch Lightning Trading Weeks

by Ekaterina

Hodl Hodl – a global P2P Bitcoin exchange – announced that it will launch Lightning trading weeks on a monthly basis on its MAINNET, in order to increase adoption of the Lightning Network.

The blog post starts with the reminder that Hodl Hodl launched Lightning powered contracts on its platform in June 2019, allowing everyone to buy bitcoins and receive them directly into their Lightning wallet, and sell bitcoins directly from their Lightning wallet.

The blog post also explains the results of Hodl Hodl’s initiative, called “Lightning trading week”, the company promises to do it’s best to complete the offer book, and also incentivize traders to participate by reducing the exchange fee to 0% for that week, with the main purpose to be increasing adoption of the Lightning Network, not only within the community but outside it as well.

Currently, the Lightning offer list consists of more than 100 offers, with different payment methods and currencies that can be accepted everywhere across the globe.

During each Lightning contract, Hodl Hodl generates an invoice for the seller & he sends the funds from his Lightning wallet to the exchange’s wallet. Then the buyer sends fiat according to the agreed-upon payment method. When the seller confirms that he received the payment, the buyer enters the invoice to receive funds from Hodl Hodl’s wallet & seller makes the release directly to the buyers Lightning wallet.

Hodl Hodl also recently released its new platform called Predictions by Hodl Hodl (predictions.hodlhodl.com) on MAINNET. This is a marketplace where you can go and create a prediction, and complete a contract with any user that accepts your offer, where the conditions of the payout depend on the outcome of a certain event, the payouts are only made in Bitcoin.

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