Hot update on Instagram – AR Ads!

by Ekaterina

We managed to speak with a digital & advertising expert, Ekaterina Bublik about Instagram’s AR update that is going to be realized soon.

Instagram just right after Facebook’s successful testing of interactive ad formats will implement augmented reality (AR) ads on their side sometime this year. As you might know, AR is growing fast in popularity and Instagram is hoping to enhance the shopping experience though it for billions of shoppers around the globe.

What is exactly AR “try-on” ads?

The idea is to use augmented reality to help Instagram shoppers preview how certain types of products will actually look on their face. Basically, augmented reality ads combine a user image with the virtual object (for example – sunglasses) and as a result gives  an approximation of the user “wearing” the object that can then be shared via Instagram Stories. Shoppers also will be able to take pictures with a particular product or include that product on their photos/videos. AR ads include features such as face distortion and face zoom to give users a thorough review of the product before making a purchase.

Did not Facebook make the same move just in September?

Facebook just in September introduced three new interactive ad solutions: video poll ads, augmented reality ads and playable ads. Facebook claims that the new Ad solutions are built based on understanding people’s natural desire to interact, engage, and touch.

Who can run these ads and why AR ?

At this point, Instagram is only offering this feature to select brands but promises to wider the scope.

 Why AR ads matter? 

Augmented reality ads are immersive, which means they help marketers create a certain emotional connection with customers. Interacting with AR ads, consumers feel like they’re playing an engaging video game. This builds an emotional connection with customers, encouraging them to make purchases.

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