Blockchain-Telecom EncryptoTel Prepares to Open Sales Offices

by Ekaterina
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Not all blockchain projects survived the long crypto-winter. Only a few managed to overcome financial difficulties and continue development. EncryptoTel startup is among them, and they develop a telecom platform with advanced cryptographic protection methods.

EncryptoTel, as a developing telecom project for private and secure communication, is preparing to open sales offices as part of an updated business model, as it is stated in the email update sent by the EncryptoTel team to investors. The project has revised its marketing strategy and in the coming months will focus on the work of the sales department.
“Before a full-scale launch, we want to make our product more competitive in the global market. In the coming months, we plan to open a franchise sales office in one of the cities in Russia, this will test the performance of our business theories and models and the demand for our services,” was said in the letter to investors.

To expand marketing activities, EncryptoTel will expand the staff and will continue to create new and unique telecommunication products. One of the critical features of the new marketing strategy is the team’s refusal to pay “unreasonably high prices” for a token listing on crypto exchanges. However, it is stated that the organization “is already having some promising negotiations” As explained by the CEO of EnсryptoTel, Roman Nekrasov, the project team seeks to create such a high-quality product that its value will make exchanges interested in listing ETT token at the first place. According to him, EncryptoTel has always called for flexible spending of the raised funds.

EncryptoTel promises to give more detailed information in the new roadmap, which will be published in July 2019.
To remember, in the current year, EncryptoTel released mobile applications in 2018 and launched its main virtual PBX. In the coming months, the EncryptoTel team expects to publish updated versions of the app with bugs corrected and inconsistencies discovered thanks to the active participation of the community in testing.

“We are also negotiating with SDK vendors who already have a successful application for telecommunications. This will help to simplify the creation of stable applications and save hours of time for developers, support staff and testing specialists.”

According to the Deloitte survey, attended by 1,386 senior executives from companies with an annual income of more than $ 100 million, there was a noticeable shift in the attitude of IT managers to blockchain technology in 2019. The top managers’ survey showed that their interest shifted from studying the blockchain to the practical application of this technology within their company. This attitude of large global companies towards blockchain gives an additional stimulus to projects that have survived “crypto winter.” Whether such startups like EncryptoTel will be able to take advantage of the situation – we will find out in the coming years.

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