Bullets to crypto mining: lessons learned by Astra^


The information collected from the crypto mining related resources and market influencers illustrates shady but still optimistic opinion on the future. The findings and benefits are as follows:

  • In current crypto mining space, the market players need to tend to less energy-consuming solutions. The approach is to move crypto mining solutions to traditionally less costly locations and the countries with a colder climate. In fact, energy consumption is among the most important crypto mining drawbacks. And its resolution affects a crypto mining profitability.
  • Extra mining facilities have to shut down until the cryptocurrency prices start climbing up again, and thus increasing the fees for mining a cryptocurrency. Some market experts advice to draw attention to less known cryptocurrencies. Of course, the up-to-date approach should include a deeper fundamental analysis of crypto projects and attention to their respective tokens.

The new market approaches looming

Whatever the case, Astra International has a lot to learn from the market and re-format their approach to the crypto mining market leveraging their experience to the new economic environment.

  • New products and initiatives appear on the market that resembles crypto mining – a crypto farming. In that approach, a user allocates spare hard disk storage space. Similar to crypto mining, you can have fees from such allocation, just like you have a fee for allocating processing power for calculating hash sums in crypto mining.
  • The ‘crypto farming’ process allows broader access to available users. This considerably reduces the electricity consumed and processing power applied. New solutions are available in this direction, which our speakers proved in a recent video interview.
  • Farming does not require to scale your facilities by just adding and buying new hard drives, because the ‘farmers’ reward will be relatively small but more constant and predictable.
  • Other achievements may appear eventually that optimize or re-establish the entire approach to crypto mining because cryptocurrencies evidently require more profitable solutions to offer.


This market still requires a transition period and then stabilize in new solutions to develop by prospective and well-experienced market players as Astra International.