Bounties Network Rewarding Users For Cleaning Manila Beaches

by Neil Mathew

There are many in the cryptocurrency world that have expressed concern about how Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining, in general, will affect the environment. However, an Ethereum decentralized app (dApp) is actually rewarding users in Ethereum (ETH) for cleaning up a beach in Manila. The Philippines, in general, has some of the world’s worst pollution, with regards to water, as documented by a story reported last year by Al-Jazeera English:

Unlike other Asian countries; the Philippines have been much more welcoming to the cryptocurrency sector. Earlier this year, they not only allowed 10 blockchain-based and/or cryptocurrency-related companies to operate, but allowed them to take advantage of tax perks in a designated economic zone, as well.

Image result for bounties networkUsers are rewarded through the Bounties Network dApp, which serves as a freelance platform for users to create bounties and reward others, making it a favorite for social causes and initiatives. Many have pointed out that a similar project would be much more difficult in fiat currency, as users currently do not require a bank account, and the transaction fees and bureaucracy alone would impede the project from being successful.

Consensys Impact is involved in launching the bounty, which is a subsidiary of blockchain startup Consensys. The program pointed out disturbing environmental facts, such as the fact that “80% of the pollution in the ocean comes from people on land”. It also stated that plastic causes 8 billion dollars in damage to various marine ecosystems globally every year.

The program encourages users by stating that they should not “depend on centralizing organizations”, urging them to “go out and do it yourselves”.

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