Blockchain Announces Largest Airdrop In History

The well-funded crypto wallet provider Blockchain has announced the largest cryptocurrency airdrop in history. The announcement was made today, and celebrates the fact that the company now supports the Stellar cryptocurrency (XLM) – and as a way of saying thank you to the company’s users, $125 million worth of Stellar will be distributed.

For those who are unaware, Stellar is a top 10 cryptocurrency that currently occupies the #6 slot, with a market capitalization of just under $5 billion. As of press time, the project trails the #5 blockchain protocol EOS, but is ahead of Litecoin at #7. The cryptocurrency looks to disrupt the global payments system and is certainly making progress, recently partnering with tech giant IBM.

In a statement, Blockchain stated simply: “Accessible to anyone with a Blockchain Wallet, the first batch of recipients will receive their lumens, Stellar’s digital native currency this week – for free.”

The CEO Peter Smith tweeted about the announcement, boasting about “the biggest digital giveaway ever”. Adding in the rocket emoji that has become synonymous with the Stellar project in cryptocurrency circles; he stated that the company “will be giving millions of people their first $20 of crypto over the next few months”: