Bitcoin’s Network Processed Over 400 Million Transactions


Bitcoin’s network has processed over 400 million transactions, according to the data.

The most popular cryptocurrency also feels pretty confident as other indicators show. For instance, it’s blockchain has processed more than 370,000 transfers in the past 24 hours. More than 350,000 transactions is the new daily level for Bitcoin, which had been sustained since the end of March.

Next, after a sudden drop in the number of transactions per block – to about 1,500 on March 24, it has sharply risen on next day and has reached a level of 2,500 since then.

The average price of Bitcoin is continuously growing, breaking new ground at the $5,000 per coin for the first time in nearly five months. As per Bitinfocharts, in the past day, around 2 million bitcoins were transferred, equalling $10 billion. It makes up more than 11% of the circulating volume.

Transaction fees for miners are also growing. Meanwhile, the ever-increasing number of wallets has also managed to reach 35 million and counting.

All these stats point to the positive trend on the market amidst the rise of Bitcoin price.

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