Binance Receives 51 Million Unique Visitiors A Month


The cryptosphere has a new world record in the fact that Binance is perhaps the first exchange which receives 51 million unique visitors (MUV) to its trading platform. Binance’s traffic density statistics were recently investigated by the research firm BD Center since the exchange continued to be 2018’s most growing site. Binance received the highest traffic from among 30 cryptocurrency exchanges considered as part of the survey.

Research firm’s study

BD Center, a digital marketing and consultancy firm conducted its analysis within the bound range of August and November months of 2018. The findings have established Binance’s leadership as currently the largest global cryptocurrency exchange.

The reasons for the growth of this exchange are attributed to its innovative marketing strategies and emphatic market reach. Both of these reasons have been the primary drivers for the growth of this exchange despite cryptocurrency markets involved in a slow pace of growth and largely bearish trends across the market scenarios of the world.

51 Million Unique Visitors

The research group found that of the 51 MUV is composed of diverse consumer types. Nearly 80% of the consumers arrived on the basis of advertisements apart from paid search traffic besides traffic from networks.

The comparatively high traffic flowed on the Binance platform because its services are currently the best in the trade and beat the likes of leading exchanges such as Bitfinex, Poloniex, Canadian Kraken, South Korean BitStamp as well as Digifinex. To nullify the statistical ranges, the survey also included in its study lesser known exchanges such as Exmo, Wcex as well as latoken.

However, all were found wanting in one category or the other, over the services and experience Binance as a trading platform for cryptocurrency offered the novice trader to the professional trader.

Apart from adopting well-researched and developed market processes, it has also started Binance Charity as part of the Tron Foundation in order to be part of the donation processes. It will also complete a blockchain for tracking donations so as to ensure that the funds are used for the desired purpose for which they were donated.

Binance has been setting the benchmark in terms of marketing as well as community projects to become part of the development team.

The report is a reiteration of Binance’s exceptional standards in terms of exchange process, trading platform standards and the levels of technology innovation, security standards minimization of risks, enhanced user experience on the platform for different categories of traders has been exceptional. The result of all of these excellent features has been the arrival of over 51MUV.