Best Kept Secret Crypto Projects You Should Know About


With thousands of cryptocurrency projects already in existence, and more being created every day, it’s hard to keep up with the pace of development within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Below are three hand-picked examples of the ‘best kept secret crypto projects’ that you should really know about.

Smartlands (SLT)

A worldwide platform for the tokenization of real economy assets through issuing asset-backed tokens (ABT), utilizing the Stellar network. The smartlands platform provides auditing, due diligence, collateralization, token offering, trading and profit sharing for all ABTs. Use cases include real estate, manufacturing, private shares, and agriculture. By using Stellar’s network, tokenization of assets is incredibly simple, with settlement taking just 3-5 seconds. The platform requires the use of the SLT token for all transactions, including fundraising, on the network. Recent developments include key legal and KYC partnerships, with their first asset-backed token being issued in Q4. With a total supply of just 7,186,785 SLT, the potential value of the smartlands platform, resulting economy and native asset will be closely and positively correlated.

Komodo (KMD)

An unknown cutting-edge project, Komodo provides an Atomic Swap DEX alongside zero-knowledge proof privacy for their blockchain solutions. Utilising dPoW technology, any business or individual can launch their own chain, independent of the Komodo platform. The Swiss army knife of features doesn’t stop there either – smart contracts are available to be programmed in any language chosen by the developer. Sidechains can process 1,000 tx/s and have their history inserted into the Bitcoin network, with KMD acting as the native token for transaction fees and ‘gas’ for the network. With such an impressive set of features and technical know-how, Komodo represents a drastically underrepresented, useful blockchain solution.

Enigma (ENG)

Not a ‘secret’ project in the traditional sense, but certainly not properly recognized or spoken about in the way it should be. The all-star Enigma team consist of developers and computer scientists from MIT who are building groundbreaking privacy technologies to create a scalable, end-to-end decentralized platform for applications on top of the Ethereum network. Unique features include secret contracts, private data ownership/marketplace, and offline network computation. An industry-beating partnership with Intel, as well as their mainnet launching this year, means that the Enigma project and protocol should continue to go from strength to strength. A potentially game-changing technological advancement of DLT, and certainly one of the best non-secret/secret cryptocurrency projects you should know about.


Due diligence should always accompany investing in ICOs, and the projects listed here does not constitute as investment advice.