Become a Member of Newconomy Community, Join Our Experimental DAO!


Last week, Newconomy media has successfully held the “Market Challenge: Battle of Top 50 Companies” conference. More than 10 thousand guests, 17 speakers and dozens of companies participated in this outstanding event

Meanwhile, this is not the very end of the story, rather a big start for all of us, because as you may remember, during the closing part of the conference we announced the creation of experimental DAO (decentralized community based on a smart-contract, that is governed by its members and generates value for all the participants).

Members of our DAO community will be able to vote on a weekly basis for the favorite experts and companies that they want to get to know better. Chosen projects will be granted a right to perform at our weekly meetup.

A first meetup is scheduled for tomorrow (next Thursday). We will present to our community two lists of 5 promising projects and top experts respectively. Our community will choose two projects and two experts to consider at the next regular meeting, which will take place on Thursday every week.

At the end of a second weekly meetup, a winning company and an expert will be chosen by the voting. Finally, winners will be added to our ranking, and that’s how our TOP lists will be updated. These steps constitute a weekly cycle for our community.

How the community members will vote, you may ask? Of course, with their special Newconomy tokens (NCT).

As a self-governed decentralized community, we will also have our own NewConomy token. Newconomy token (NCM) will be issued on two blockchains: Ethereum and EOS.

We will initially issue 1000 tokens, equally distributing them to our registered community members, hosts, experts and companies. All you need to do in order to get your tokens and become a member of Newconomy DAO is to follow these instructions:

Moreover, additional tokens will be rewarded for active participation in the life of DAO community. The more active you are, the more tokens you get, the more weight has your vote.

Besides voting, a stake of NCT allows its owners to choose topics for the future meetups, along with governing a community investment foundation.

Thus, there is a great value for those who decide to take part in our community life: access to the unique content and a professional network of experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs, as well as the suite of tools to manage and influence its agenda. Tune in to become a part of it!

See you on Thursday!