BCH is the True blue Bitcoin for peer-payment: Roger Ver


Celebrity cryptographer, founder of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver has been urging everyone to write-off bitcoin since it is stunted in its growth and value BCH hard fork as the true bitcoin. For obvious reasons, CEO of Bitcoin.com has raised the hackles of purists.

However, at a time when bitcoin is at its all-time low, discussing the value and the long term potential of this DLT crypto is on the rise.

Value and Bitcoin

Ver is passionate in claiming that the BCH is the first of its kind “peer e-payment systems.”

According to Ver, who has a community following of millions of investors in cryptos from around the world, BCH is the solution which Satoshi Nakamoto was originally aiming to derive, referring to the iconic White Paper.

Value of Bitcoin, Ver avers is the “ability to simplify electronic commerce.”

And taking Ver’s statements forward is Binance Exchange.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volumes has announced that it will add new trading pairs – Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV – on January 22nd.  The pairs which are headed for trade at the Malta-headquartered exchange shall be: “BCHABC/TUSD, BCHABC/PAX, BCHABC/USDC, BCHSV/TUSD, BCHSV/PAX and BCHSV/USDC,” the company officially announced on twitter.

However, one of the greatest economic questions before analysts in recent years has been the value of cryptocurrencies especially that of Bitcoin as it is the market-first decentralized ledger technology (DLT) cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and FOMO

Another Bitcoin value perspective is offered by Alistair Milne is Atlanta Digital Currency Fund’s Chief Investment Officer. The executive explains that the greatest utility of bitcoin thus far has been its fan following and thereby mainstream adoption. Hence, the biggest trend among investors currently is the strong Fear of Missing Out or FOMO.

Milne has tweeted that, “Investors are now very aware that bitcoin is like trading gold with 100x leverage and, next year, bitcoin’s inflation/production rate will actually be *lower* than gold’s. No-one appears to doubt the usefulness of Gold as an investment.”

He added that “The next bull run will decide which public blockchain persist for the next 100 years. I believe bitcoin is currently the *only* sure thing.”

Other celebrities to have been walking the ‘value’ talk, Winklevoss Twins have said: “it is better at being gold than gold itself.” However, the market for this first-born crypto has been one of doom in the past 13 months or so.  Trading prices average a poor $3,000 odd per bitcoin, which is truly unexciting considering the high of $20,000 just 13 months ago!