All The Things You Can Buy With Crypto!


There’s this myth that you can’t spend Bitcoin like you do money. You can!

Filling Your Holiday Wish List

When it comes to filling your family’s Holiday stockings with Bitcoin, it’s neither easy nor simple. Used to buying everything using Paypal on eBay and your well-used credit card on Amazon? If all your holiday wealth is in crypto, you’ll get what you want you’ll just need to go further afield. Not every kid wants an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, a lot of kids would much prefer a Surface or an Xbox.

You can get both, the Office suite, and all your games because Microsoft accepts crypto. Need something else like a gamer laptop or desktop, go to Newegg to get all your computer needs via Bitcoin. If you’re more of a PS4 gamer, then you can pay for games on the PlayStation Network with your coins. Want something a little less tech and a little more lifestyle, Overstock has been offering Bitcoin sales for years.

Don’t know what all your nieces and nephews; uncles and aunts, want? Gyft will let you pay for gift cards directly from your digital wallet while eGifter works through BitPay; either way, once you convert your Bitcoin to gift card, you can give the gift of crypto, once-removed, to all your loved ones for their Birthdays, the Holidays, and for Christmas. If you really want to buy everything using Amazon Prime this year, eGifter can hook your up with Amazon gift cards.

Flights and Vacations

While AirBaltic has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014, their destinations aren’t that numerous outside the Baltic states. Instead, you can spend your Bitcoin on CheapAir; or, soon, Expedia will accept Bitcoin for flights and vacations as well as for the hotel bookings that they’re currently offering for customers with crypto. Travel For Coins was designed to fill the hole in the market for traveling using the source of your traveler wealth, Bitcoins.

Australia-based Webjet offers cheap flights and vacation stays in only the way Australians, with their compulsory 19-year-old around-the-world backpack travels; however, if you’ve seen the entire world and have a lot of Bitcoin left to spend, then Richard Branson will trade you 40 Bitcoins for a space flight with Virgin Galactic

Fancy Cars

As long as the car you want is extremely luxurious—as in Bentley, Bugatti & Rolls-Royce—then you can always call Post Oak Motor Cars of Houston, Texas—they accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through their integration with BitPay (and they’ll deliver).

What Does Buying With Bitcoin Really Mean Anyway?

There are enough online vendors and gift card business that make it easy to turn your crypto into something you can even spend on When people say that you can’t spend Bitcoin—or any cryptocoin or token—they mean the way it was meant to be spent: person-to-person. The way Satoshi Nakamoto intended. Without money-changers, without bankers, and without brokers.

Crypterium promises to offer this sort of thing. Where spending cryptocurrency is as effortless as spending from your Starbucks card or via Apple Pay or Android Pay. Spend your space Satoshis  (0.00000001 ฿) on a cup of coffee at your local coffee kiosk.

Without fees, interest, or vig. If there’s a cryptotax surcharge, you’re figuratively converting your Dollars to Euros through the Foreign Exchange kiosk at your airport before buying that no-date Rolex Submariner: you’re relying not only on the current market value of the Dollar compared to the Euro but you’re also paying 8%-14% more.

I, myself, have been dealing with it this way: “hell, Bitcoin is so volatile these days that those Coinbase fees are acceptable losses because a hundred dollars, either way, isn’t that much, comparatively;” however, that really only works when you’re buying, selling, and accepting Bitcoins.

Those fees can really add up when you’re trading in Satoshis. So, while I am going to go over ways you can buy things with your tokens, cryptocoins, and Bitcoin, it’s with a complete caveat that most of these solutions are the equivalent of a buddy who’s willing to pay you Dollars cash if you transfer your fractional coins into their wallet.

If your buddy’s known you since college, you might get an exact market-rate conversion based on the price for dollars-per-Bitcoin that Alexa will proffer if you ask; others, however, might charge you extra to do it. It all depends on the relationship.

Ultimately, in the Cyperpunk tradition, cryptocoins should never cost anybody anything. They should be decentralized and all transactions should be without transaction fees, person to person.