A Free Webinar on Master Nodes and Passive Income from Synergis.Lab Is Coming Soon

A Free Webinar on Master Nodes and Passive Income from Synergis.Lab Is Coming Soon


If you have been thinking before, how to launch your own master node, do not miss the chance to get familiar with the subject and learn about the possible risks and possible income opportunities. On the 26th of March Synergis.Lab experts will hold a free webinar, explaining the concept of master nodes in detail, and discussing the chances of earning passive income from having your own master nodes.

Synergis.Lab, together with the creator of the popular youtube channel “Bitcoin for smart people” and other partners, are launching a series of educational webinars about cryptocurrencies. The first webinar will be dedicated to the subject of master nodes and everything around it. Organizers of the webinar promise easy-to-understand tutorials, without any exaggerations or inclinations to: “invest a dollar today to make one million tomorrow”.

“It simply does not work that way: master-nodes is an interesting, highly technological and a very perspective business. You can’t just walk in without knowing the field;  without having a feel of the scale of the business” – says Vladimir Popov, head partner of Synergis.Lab.

The hosts of the first webinar are: Eugene Romanenko, an Austrian economist and enthusiast, Vladimir Popov, the creator of Synergis.Lab, Rimus, an expert on master nodes, and Sergey Simanovsky, the creator of blocksult.com and a blockchain enthusiast.  

They will explain the pros and cons of PoS-mining, what you should look out for, why you shouldn’t wait for quick returns and for “to the moon”; at the same time, they will also why one should not refrain from launching his own master nodes.

The webinar will be held on the 26th of March, at 19.30, Moscow time.

Participation is free, but registration is a must, get registered here