A 9-Year Old Boy Using Bitcoin Lighting Network to Sell his Drawings

A 9-Year Old Boy Using Bitcoin Lighting Network to Sell his Drawings


The blockchain technology is to offer real life solutions while it offers an avenue to store and exchange value. However, platforms that offer practical solutions and transform lifestyles are gaining popularity. As technology advances through the unveiling of its hidden capabilities, users are tapping into the potential to benefit and enrich their lives.

A nine-year-old is selling his artwork using the Bitcoin Lighting Network. What’s more, the kid is tapping on the ecosystem to showcase his masterpieces to the whole world from his own home. The force behind the quest is to buy his dream Nintendo Switch!

Selling Sketches for Satoshis

The beauty of the crypto tech is that you can sell products in exchange for the micropayment that is what the young Dennis is doing. Using a simple WordPress powered website, the Lighting Pictures, the Young entrepreneur is able to showcase his artistic brilliance to the whole world.

According to Dennis’ website, his passion is “drawing computer games and doing Bitcoin stuff with his dad”. This is how far passion can drive an individual who wants to learn from emerging technologies.  All Denis is focused on is the Nintendo Switch which has a market tag of $300 which the dad says the young chap has to earn by himself.

Passion for Paintwork

Dennis loves paintwork and Lightning makes it easy to earn from what he is passionate about. He has gone further to make his drawings unique and can customize them to meet the client needs. Currently, Dennis is selling two sketch categories; fast sketches, that go for a single green buck and the premium sketch.

He goes on to ask:

“You want a seriously awesome picture? If you do, you’d have to pay $10 for it”, Dennis adds. You can get your custom sketches via email or normal shipping but you pay the shipping fees.

Lighting Network Simple Use Case

Dennis is not worried about payments since these are done through OpenNode which is secure and supported by Bitcoin second layer; the Lighting Network. Such use cases are on the rise and LN popularity is poised to hit a new high.

It is amazing how crypto goers are turning to the technology to turn around their fortunes. More users are learning the ropes around the new technology and the micropayment capabilities mean even the poor have something they can purchase online using crypto.

Last year, an artist managed to auction an invaluable piece using the Lighting Network which fetched him $0.000000037 or the equivalent of 1 milli-satoshi. Once crypto users begin to embrace the capabilities of Bitcoin Lighting Network, BTC uptake will rise and this could see the price skyrocket.

Lighting Network is fast and might lower the transaction cost which is what the user is paying for. With the increase of node climbing to the 6,481 thresholds and an increase of active channels to 29,000 translating to a capacity of $2.8million at the current prices, the future looks bright for BTC.