30k Bitcoin Were Sold From One of the Youngest Blocks


Over the past two years, one of the early bitcoin miners, whose name remains unknown, has sold 30,000 coins that belonged to him. This is published by CCN citing a report published earlier this week by the cryptoanalyst Antoine Le Calves.

As Le Calves wrote, the sale of coins, which were produced in one of the youngest blocks of bitcoin, was carried out between December 2016 and early January 2018, when they were sent to various exchanges.

According to today’s average market price of bitcoin, 30,000 BTC is more than $197 million.

According to the analyst, the miner started its activity no later than December 2009, when the bitcoin price was measured by several cents. He mined coins for about seven months, and the mining could be conducted at home. Through this time, he managed to acquire more than 30,000 BTC since block rewards were high and miners were few.

At the same time Le Calves does not think that this person is Satoshi Nakamoto – most likely, it was one of the first bitcoin enthusiasts, who now became fabulously wealthy.

Recall earlier this month, a study conducted by Diar, showed that more than 55% of all bitcoins are on wallets with a balance of over 200 BTC. At the same time, 1/3 bitcoins from these wallets never participated in outgoing transactions. According to the researchers, this may indicate the loss of personal keys or a strong belief in the future of the cryptocurrency on the part of the owners.