3 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: January 2019


With 2018 thankfully behind us, all eyes are now on what 2019 will bring from cryptocurrencies and speculative prices. Still much-awaited Bakkt/ETF launches, as well as the holy-grail mainstream killer blockchain ‘app’, are all tantalizingly close. Here is a list of what we feel are the most undervalued cryptocurrencies at present.


With big upgrades due and prices stabilizing around the $50 mark, Monero seems like great value. Improvements aimed at improving the privacy of the cryptocurrency are in full swing, with ‘Kori’ bringing features such as the routing transactions through the l2P network. Pundits have long mooted the necessity for a privacy-focused coin. And with Bitcoin’s scaling and privacy features still some months (if not years) away, Monero’s unique and powerful identify-protecting value proposition should continue for some while yet.


No, not hiding in a cave muttering ‘my precious’, however much like the famous LOTR character, the cryptocurrency Golem has lost some of its original luster. The sharing of computational power via a blockchain network offers a potentially sizable upside. A 2 year plus development phase, and recent listing by Coinbase Pro, indicates industry interest is returning. Although not mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Monero, XRP or others, this is one project worth paying attention to in the near future.


Ethereum?!’ we hear you cry. ‘Undervalued?’. Well, yes. Ether has been one of the most negatively and severely impacted cryptocurrencies as a result of last year’s bear market. A staggering 94% of Eth’s all-time-high value ($1,500) was lost, cratering to $86 in December. But what if Ethereum and it’s native digital asset have found their price equilibrium, or other projects begin to encroach on its market share? Whilst those risks are always present, the Ethereum network boasts one of the most active developer communities of any crypto project.

Constantinople, the long-awaited scaling update, will help Ethereum provide the computational power to support mainstream adoption. Whilst nothing is guaranteed in this market, the sheer weight of support and expectation behind the project should bode well in the short-run.


And there are our 3 undervalued cryptocurrencies for January 2019 and the new year. Make sure to check out our other beginner’s articles over the next few months, as well as our other articles and news stories on everything crypto and blockchain.

As always, the above does not constitute as investment advice. Always seek the guidance of a regulated financial advisor.