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    Japan’s First Crypto Draft Policy Asks for “Self-Regulatory Affiliation”

    In a first of its kind draft report in cryptosphere, Japan has become the pioneering economy to draft policies for domestic cryptocurrency and Initial...

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    DLTs are “Crypto assets” for the Japanese; and “other property” for the Russians

    Finally, two countries have pigeon-holed computer-programming based decentralized ledger technology (DLT) currencies in their economic systems: Japan has categorized these new age products as...

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    French Financial Regulators Pull Down Four Crypto Websites

    French Financial Markets Regulator (AMF) has once again identified more crypto websites which were operating without necessary authorizations. The regulator has been swooping down...

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    Facebook Hunts Down Devs In Pursuing Its Crypto Payment

    If you are enjoying the benefits of safe payment options such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay, then you will be glad to know...

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    Economic Disarray Prompts Venezuela To Pay Pensioners With Petro Crypto

    Cryptocurrency industry is perhaps at a crossroad with respect to mass adoption and government-backed transactions given the scale of adoption and implementation of executed...

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