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    Million Dollar Buffet Bet 2.0 Not Taken?

    Anthony Pompliano, “Pomp” the founder of crypto hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, recently issued a challenge. His challenge was a million dollar bet that...

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    Oxford Law Weighs In On Illegitimate Ethereum Transactions

    Many in the cryptocurrency world have praised the fact that blockchain technology is immutable. This means that once a payment is made, it is...

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    CEO of Bakkt Hints At More Partnerships On Podcast

    The CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, recently opened up about possible new developments regarding the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange and possible partnerships. This happened during...

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    TD Ameritrade “Exploring” Ripple (XRP) – Stay Tuned For More Information

    In a recent tweet, it appears as though the brokerage giant TD Ameritrade claimed that it was exploring the digital asset Ripple, XRP, and told...

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    Binance and Bitfinex: The Two Exchanges Not Falsifying Volume

    There have been growing concerns about “wash trading” in cryptocurrency markets, where cryptocurrencies engage in wash trading in order to inflate their trade volume...

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