Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups

Weekly Digest: IEO Review, DAO Club and Most Important Updates on Crypto World


Waiting for this year spring starts to pay off with this week good news: Binance, stated that crypto-winter is over, backing it up with research. Litecoin has been experiencing record high LTC hash rates, that can be interpreted as a sign of confidence in the technology.

Once again, global business has shown a substantial interest in crypto underlying technology. This week Forbes published a “Blockchain 50 List”, which names 50 biggest companies embracing the blockchain technology. In total, Forbes’ research team identified more than 100 big companies “actively exploring blockchain through industry consortiums and other proprietary projects”.

Speaking of technology, the long-awaited EOS user agreement has been signed after months of negotiation and debate following referendum gridlock. Furthermore, BitPax, PaxNet subsidiary company, has established a strategic alliance with global company Hazelcast to jointly develop a new generation blockchain platform with a revolutionary transaction processing speed of more than 20 000 transactions per second. During this week DAO Live, Derek Sorensen, research mathematician at Pyrofex Corporation, also presented his research on consensus algorithms for scalable cryptocurrency solutions.

Other companies bet on the innovative approach too. Bitect company presented a new look at the crypto exchange implementation, and the EVEN project representative pointed out to the problem of blockchain isolation and elaborated more on the company solution – the cross-chain technology allows users of different blockchain platforms to interact with each other.

Many companies in crypto world are making big plans. CEO of Cardano and one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, provided with some insights to Cardano’s plans: Cardano is focused on creating tech that doesn’t depend on the will of one person or entity in order to come against the rule of the few that has plagued the entire global financial system.

The spring comes with its consequences: the thunder gathering around Craig Wright was hard to be missed. One of the major exchanges, Binance, delisted Bitcoin CV, following Craig Wright’s legal threats. To recall, Craig Wright continued his campaign of serving legal threats to those claiming he is a fraud and not a real Satoshi, as he presented himself. Additionally, according to new BitMEX research, Bitcoin SV miners have lost more than $2.2 mln since fork.

With the upcoming trend for IEOs, we could not miss reviewing current or upcoming IEOs and IEO platforms. For example, this week IEOs include vietnam-based RedFOX on the Coineal Launchpad and Nuvo project token sale through a Probit exchange.

One of the TOP-10 exchanges with 2 million registered users, Coineal, announced its plans to establish a local presence in Russia. In the exclusive interview to, during our weekly online DAO meetup, Aaron Chen, the Coineal exchange founder, introduced the local director, Evgeny Egorov, and provided viewers with some insights on strategic exchange plans, including new IEO rules.

During our live meetup on Thursday, Alexander Mamasidikov, a member of High1000 in IMMO foundation, has shared the CMO Adab Solutions company experience of creating the first IEO in the world to be held on at least 5 exchanges. The representative spoke of the first successful round on IDAX exchange, advising the projects to select the exchange carefully and invest in their own marketing and community building prior to conducting sales.

A representative of the company, that conducted the first IEO in Eastern Europe, Paytomat, explained how a unique experience, first one for the company and EXMO exchange, shaked the local community. Additionally, the financial markets expert, Kirill Gusev, shared his opinion on the future of IEOs and its differences with IPO, showing his confidence in the mechanism.

Some things come unchanged. Newconomy, after introducing an experimental DAO to the community, continued to deliver insights on Newconomy meetups on Mondays and Thursdays. Stay tuned!